Myanga Angus Stud offers AI services – MyangAI

Following client interest Myanga adds artificial insemination services using Myanga top end bull power to its line up. Stephen Dunne principal at Myanga wanted to offer a service to his clients who were keen to target specific genetic improvement in their herd or those smaller breeders wanting to maximize their return per acre. Hence the development of MyangAI, a complete and cost effective artificial insemination service , over seen by the Stud’s veterinarian using Myanga’s top end bull power.

While the Stud has used fixed time artificial insemination practices for many years , FTAI has many benefits for the commercial herd owner as well. Those benefits include tighter calving periods, heavier calves at weaning , easier retention comparisons and improved female fertility, says Dunne.

Dunne believes the service will prove a breakthrough to his clients who to this point have not utilized AI as it has been too expensive and too time consuming.
Several clients are already drawn to the service for this spring Heifer joining. Ultimately we are looking forward to being actively involved with our clients helping them deliver on their breeding goals.

“A complete and cost effective service, hassle free service”

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