MyangaAI - Improving your breeding performance

A complete, cost effective, hassle free AI service. Overseen by a qualified veterinarian using our top end bull power.

The Myanga Artificial Insemination Service

The Myanga artificial insemination service , MyangAI, is designed to provide a simple and complete program for Angus owners aiming to accelerate the achievement of their breeding goals and improve the return from their herd.

The MyangAI is a fixed time artificial insemination (FTAI) program, designed to implement your breeding goals , providing access to premium genetics with execution overseen by a leading cattle veterinarian.

It provides a hassle free and complete AI program to improve the return from your herd. The MyangAI service suits both large breeders wanting targeted improvements in their herd and small breeders wanting to maximize their return per acre. It is simple and complete.

Benefits of adding MyangAI to your breeding program

Much has been written about the benefits of AI since it was introduced in the 1960s. In summary the key benefits synchronized of breeding are:

  1. Rapid genetic improvement or change – Myanga has carefully selected a range of semen sires with specific breeding objectives in mind to enable you to target key areas of improving your herd’s performance.
  2. Compacting the calving period – This enhances the marketability of calves as they are more uniform, reduces time involved in calving surveillance, enables clear comparisons for heifer retention and earlier calves tend to be heavier at weaning.
  3. Improved female fertility – Synchronizing your calving early in the season enables your females to get back into calve within the 12 month window. This is particularly applicable to heifers.

MyangAI improves your herd performance in a targeted, cost effective manner.

MyangAI in action

The MyangAI service involves a simple and complete 4 stage process.

Step one
Our stud manager and stud veterinarian visit you on site to talk about the markets you are targeting and the requirements of your customers. We aim to understand your herd (It’s age structure and key genetic traits), your performance expectations in terms of calving rates, weaning weights and how the herd is performing towards those expectations. From this discussion we will
have a clear understanding of your breeding objectives.

We also take the time to understand your farm operation and discuss getting you selected females in the right body condition to maximize the success of the program. Once this is done we agree the dates which will suit your herd best for the program to start.

Step two
Select the Myanga genetics best suited to your herd and your breeding objectives. Of course we are happy to talk through our view of which semen sires we would recommend based on your breeding objectives.

We are also keen to have you visit the Myanga stud to see the progeny of our recommendations and the dams involved to get a better picture of the genetic acceleration that is possible.

Step three
Execute the FTAI program under the supervision of our stud veterinarian. This is a three stage process conducted over a ten day period. This is all done at your property and all we require is for the selected females to be yarded each time before we arrive.

Step four (optional)
If you do not plan to use a “back up” bull after step 3 then we would recommend a return FTAI which is another three stage process. Every step of the way is overseen by our stud veterinarian to maximize the success of the program.

Step five (optional)
After 6 weeks from the completion of the FTAI a pregnancy test service is also available through our stud veterinarian.

 MyangAI Package Pricing (ex GST)

Female Numbers 20 30 50 75 100
Stage 1-3 $4000 $4500 $5600 $6900 $7800
Stage 4 $2000 $2200 $2900 $3900 $4100

For further information please contact Stephen Dunne 0431007007 or Scott Myers 0439704033.